First at all, I would like to wish a warm welcome on my website.

You will find through these pages different pictures I like. Presenting one’s work is not an easy thing and I feel like exposing an intimate part of me, so I hope you will enjoy your visit in my world.

Of course with this name for my website, you would have understood that I’m French (born and rise in France… and still have the accent!)

French picture at work developing picture for a wedding

Every day is a new chance to think about “photography” and everything is a source of inspiration. I started with landscapes; How beautiful is a sunrise or a sunset over mountains and seas! However, it wanted a website focus on people and the important moments in their life: Engagement, wedding, pregnancy. Those pictures help us to remember all those greatest instants you don’t want to forget. This is why I spend so much time on each and every picture I will give you.

I started photography several years ago. My first camera, a sony A290, was a gift from my wonderful wife. I used to enjoy photography, but when I had that body in my hands, it became a new passion. I started to study the different techniques thanks to internet and some books. Day after day I tried different modes, different points of view, different settings. When I now have a look at my first pictures, I can see the progress I have done. But I still have a lot of work to do when I look at some famous photographers’ pictures.

If you are interested to get more information about shooting, equipment or technics, feel free to fill in the contact form.

I wish you a good visit.